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A 9-year old Thai girl gave birth:

The following picture and article were forwarded to me by brother MENJ; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

The news item is from the New Straits Times, 10/3/2001.

thaigal.jpg (64206 bytes)

In our world today, we still have people especially in the third world countries, marry very young girls.  Why should we call someone who married a 9-year old girl 1400 years ago a child molester, when we still practice it today?  The girl above even gave birth at the age of 9!

And should we also call Aisha's (our Prophet's wife) parents child molesters too, since they agreed by their own will and choice to marry their daughter to our Prophet, and they were proud of it too?




Back to Prophet Muhammad was not a Child Molester!  You will also see proofs from Jewish and Christian resources that Mary (Jesus' mother) peace be upon her got pregnant at the age of 12.

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