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Is the Noble Quran a Creator or Creation?

The Holy Quran is not a flesh and blood, dust and water creation.  It is the Holy Word of GOD Almighty.  Therefore, It was MADE and not CREATED.  And It is certainly not a Creator.  The Engineer Mr. Adnan Al Refaei [1] المهندس عدنان الرفاعي. elaborated on this in great details, using many Noble Verses, in several of his videos.  According to the Holy Quran, there are these three Levels in all that exist out there:

1-  There is Allah Almighty, the Sovereign Lord and Creator and Ruler of all things.

2-  There is the World of Command, which is the invisible World of Spirits, Selves, Angels, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the Jinns, and all of the Beings that were MADE in It.

  • This is where all of the Beings interact with Allah Almighty on regular basis.
  • Examples of these are: GOD Almighty speaking with satan; GOD Almighty speaking with Adam and Even in Heaven; GOD Almighty speaking with the Angels about creating mankind.
  • Heaven belongs to the World of Command, and in It, we will be flesh and blood.  This is an extra privilege for the Winners of Paradise from the Believers, who come from the flesh and blood, dust and water world.
  • Furthermore, Allah Almighty Said that earth is so far from GOD and desolate that if if GOD Almighty were to put the Angels on earth to inhabit it, He would still need to send them a Messenger:
    Noble Verse(s) 17:95
    Yusuf Ali:

    [017:095]  Say, "If there were settled, on earth, angels walking about in peace and quiet, We should certainly have sent them down from the heavens an angel for an apostle."

    Arabic (Read from right to left.  Also, all png image files: [1] [2]):

    17:95 قل لو كان في الارض ملائكة يمشون مطمئنين لنزلنا عليهم من السماء ملكا رسولا


  • 3-  There is the World of Creation, which is the flesh and blood, dust and water, and all of the actual matter that makes the physical Universe.

    I have elaborated on this in thorough details at:

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