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Comparing the translations:

I printed the "Godly" names and their translations below and went and presented them to the Rabies of the "Sabbath Temple", and they were able to confirm that "My learnt translations From Hebrew Resources" below were all correct.  I then asked them, why the Christian "Hebrew Translations" web sites such as have slightly different translations?

Name My learnt translation From Hebrew Resources Christian Translation Of Hebrew
Ezekiel "Strong God" "God Strengthen"
Israel "Challenge God", "he struggles with God", or "fight with God".  It also means "Defeat God". "God Prevails"
Gabriel "Strong God" "Warrior of God"
Isaiah "Salvation from Yahweh" "Jehovah has saved"
Joshua "Yahweh Saves" "Jehovah is salvation"
Elli "God" "God"
Immanuel "With us is God" "With us is God"
Jesus "Salvation" "Salvation"
Elihu "My God is He" "He is my God"
Gedaliah "Yahweh is Great" or "Jehovah is Great" "Jehovah is great"
Eliadah "Yahweh knows" "God knows"
Eliab "God is Father" "God is father"
Elzaphan "God is Protector" "God is protector"
Eliakim "God raises" "God raises"
Elisha "God is Salvation" "God is salvation"
Eleazar "God has helped" "God has helped"
Hashabiah "Yahweh has Considered or Decided or Chose to" "Jehovah has considered"
Mattithiah "Gift of Yahweh" "gift of Jehovah"
Judah or Yahawdah "Praised". It generally means "Praised by Yahweh". "Praised"

Their response was that they made up their own translation or changed the wording of the translation to prove their points regarding Trinity.

Let us examine the logic of both translations to see how the Christian translation is in error:

Both translations agree on "Immanuel" which means "With us is God". If "El" means "God" which is agreed upon by both sides, then "Immanu" or "Imman" must mean "with", or "with us".

Now, using this logic, let us analyze "Israel":

We know in the Bible, Jacob defeated God; "And he [God] said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and HAST PREVAILED. (Genesis 32:28)"  How could Israel mean "God Prevails" when God according to the verse lost the fight with Jacob? And even if Israel means "God Prevails", then it would still prove my point that People before and after Jesus in the Jewish Culture were named "Godly" names. "God Prevails (Israel)" would prove my point.

The translation that I have has more logic in it.

Let us analyze "Joshua". Joshua = Yehoshya which equals to "Yeh oshya". "Yeh" = "Yehwah" which equals to "God". "Oshua" = "Saves".

Let us analyze "Gabriel". If "Gari" means "Strong" or "Warrior", or something that has a lot of strength in it, then "Strong" would be a correct translation. "Gabriel" is correct to be translated as "Strong God". "Warrior God" doesn't make any sense. "Warrior of God" is not accurate.

In Hebrew, the sequence of the words is exactly the same as the sequence of their translation as shown above. Let us examine more examples:

"Halelu Yah" = "Glorify Yahweh". Helalu means glorify and Yah means Yahweh or God. Notice that Helalu came before Yah.  "Glorify God" in Hebrew is not written as the opposite or as "God Glorify". No, it is written in the same exact sequence as "Glorify God".

So when Christian Theologians for instance claim that "Ezekiel" means "God strengthen", they are in error, because "Ezekiel" is not written as "Elezekie". "Ezekiel" clearly means "Strong God" and not "God Strengthen".

Another proof of the Christians mistakes in translations is the word "Elihu" above.  Notice that they translated it as "He is my God", putting the word "God" as the last word in the English translation.  The correct translation for this word is "My God is He".  This is verified at he site.  They have the word and its Hebrew translation.  Search for it on their site.






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